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A rebel with a cause! URWERK's quest for the unconventional continued with the UR-202 BTP. A spaceship for the wrist, and another small step for URWERK and a giant leap for watchmaking. 

The UR-202 range introduced an evolution of the satellite complication with telescopic minutes hands coming out of three revolving satellites. The telescopic minutes hands precisely adjust their length to follow the three sectors marking the minutes: 0-14, 15-44, 45-60. Extended, they enable the UR-202 to display the time across a large, easy-to-read dial. 

This is just one of the technological advancements; turn the watch over and see two miniature turbines! This new airbrake system has taken the traditional idea of using air friction and refined it to control the rate of automatic winding, enabling the wearer to adjust the winding of their watch to match their activity level. With three settings: free, which allows the rotor to spin freely like a standard automatic watch; next is the sports mode, which slows the rate of the rotor by using the air to cushion it. This prevents overuse of the winding mechanism and avoids wear and tear and stress on the movement. The next option is full-stop, effectively turning the 202 into a manual wind for extreme circumstances where you want to protect the movement from shocks.

This available piece is super rare and highly collectable. The UR-202 even attracted the celebrity eye, gracing the wrist of legendary martial arts actor, Jackie Chan, who liked the watch so much he featured it in his 2012 movie, Zodiac. And from the big screen to the basketball court, the G.O.A.T himself Michael Jordan, is also a fan of the UR-202 and owns several URWERKs.

BTP? Black Platinum. Why coat platinum and make it black? Weight. Most black watches are titanium or these days some exotic alloy. But for a lot of collectors, they like the substantial weight of precious metals like gold or platinum. So we created black platinum using a PE-CVD process, which gives the watch a dark, moody look now iconic to the URWERK style but with the luxurious weight of platinum.

Creators Thoughts:

Martin Frei - “One of my fellow students at art school probably back in 1991 created a piece that impressed me a lot. She was working next to me and at some point, I had discovered that the twenty rectangular paper sheets coated in white paint on her desk where in fact twenty 100 Swiss Franc bills. Her piece was not finished and the other side of the white paper was still showing the printed money pattern. I could not believe my eyes, what was she doing here, destroying 2000 Swiss Francs! She told me that it was her salary gained as a waitress over holidays*.

She later revealed her finished piece at one of our regular work presentations. The sheets coated with white paint were piled up to form a stack. I recall the feeling of holding the stack of transformed money in between the palms of my hands. The value of the money was destroyed by the coating but the potential actions enabled by the amount of 2000 Swiss Francs somewhat rendered the pile into a hot piece of energy. When we coated the UR-202 BPT the Art piece of my college was in my mind. I find it fascinating to think about value and how I can translate these thoughts into a design feature for a timepiece."

Felix Baumgartner - “I'm proud to have invented with Martin the black treatment on the 103 Blackbird in 2006. Red and white gold? Why not black platinum, it's just fucking cool

 Condition Rating UR-1: As new, no or very few signs of wear, the movement is serviced and in working condition.

 *Please note strap in photographs may differ due to export restrictions*


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URWERK UR-202 BPT: Technical Specifications
Case in: Black PE-CVD platinum.
Dimensions: 45.6mm x 43.5mm x 15mm; micro-sandblasted; satin finish; back in titanium.
Movement: Calibre UR 7.02; automatic winding with world’s first twin turbine regulation
Functions: Patented revolving satellite complication with integral telescopic minutes hands; moon phase indicator; day/night indicator.
Dial: ARCAP P40. Carousel mirror-polished by a diamond cutter. SuperLumiNova treatment on hours and minutes markers.
Indications: Dial featuring: hours and minutes; moon-phase indication; day/ night indicator.

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